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Short stories for children The soup (food) of the Three Pigs on a cold, dark night

Short stories for children

"By Christian Williams"

The soup (food) of the Three Pigs on a cold, dark night

Short stories children

The soup (food) of the Three Pigs on a cold, dark night.

By Christian Williams

This story is somewhat similar to a children's novel.

On a cold winter day, three pigs were released, which are closely related to each other.

The story revolves around how the poor live because poverty is need and want.

And that the need is a mother

The invention!

These three little pigs liked to eat

The pig is also a clean animal. And he has a strong sense of smell, unlike the sense of hearing, these pigs set out to discover the nature around.


The three pigs remembered their breakfast for that day upon arrival at night and they were hungry!

How was the breakfast sumptuous and of all kinds.

Breakfast consisted of bad barley planted by farmers, sea turtle eggs and small lambs for sheep, so that was the arrangement of the meal for breakfast for this family of pigs.

The atmosphere filled with joy, laughter, jokes, and kisses for the farewell, as the soup contained barley seeds and turtle eggs smashed together.

This was left to the end to taste and be satisfied with it and to judge whether the one who prepared this meal deserves to be the family's cook and also receive a reward for his deeds and wonderful meals in his honor

Finally, the phrase "Let your food be your medicine, your medicine your food"

Everyone heard this phrase, but no one tasted this soup, let alone how to prepare it.

Honored chef and chef

They rewarded and honored the owner of the soup by presenting him with an award, which is to raise his rank to the family chef.

So the rest of the pigs spoke together in a very low voice, how could they prepare such a soup on their own!

The other answered, saying: In the ear of the pig who whispered with his ear g

Yes, how did he prepare it?

Here everyone wanted to be honored by the skilled chef, the family chef, whom the chef called Pig.

Everyone asked how to prepare this delicious soup.?

Everyone at that time had the privilege to call the chef a pig, but each of them was afraid of becoming responsible for teaching the rest of the pigs how to prepare this table or this soup?

This is exactly what all pigs wanted to be of great authority or authority in the same family, but unfortunately they need a great skill in the field of cooking!

These were their fears if they assumed the position of pig chef within the family.

But a person does not learn to prepare soup on his own without his mother's letting him know.

We three pigs traveled on our feet and crossed hundreds of kilometers of forest!

I saw very large and frightening forests from the length of their frightening vast expanse, and we passed by huge swamps of mud. My two brothers and I were white because we are from the same family.

We passed all kinds of lakes, but our favorite is the muddy lakes or marine swamps. They were black from the severity of the blackness of that mud. The smell of flowers in the forests was very strong.

I saw ducks swimming in the lakes and when I sensed the danger of a crocodile or something similar, they immediately rushed to fly away, I spoke to them, but

I don't deny at the beginning that she was so afraid of me, that I would eat her like a pig.

Because pigs have been known to eat anything!

She got scared a little, and slowly she was curious to talk to me, and we talked and we talked for many hours.

By the way, I went out with two other pigs who knew nothing about preparing food (soup).

It seemed that eating eggs was a strange and frightening idea for our duck sisters at the same time she remembered that and ended her conversation with us and the night came and went to her home to sleep in peace and safety.

Pig party in remote forests among the muddy lake animals

Eating eggs seemed to be an amazing idea for our Derby buddies because we encountered ducks and all kinds of birds along our itinerary and traveled.

This idea of ​​exploring the unknown and being self-reliant is what made me embark on a book like this.

Our first day and night, my two pig brothers and I had to take care of preparing breakfast

Preparing an egg meal was very nice to them.

So I was forced to take eggs from the ducks that I had spoken to him yesterday to prepare my favorite food or my famous soup, and I went to take the ducks. The duck jumped on me and shouted and began to beg me not to take her eggs and he approached to hatch and said to me: That there is an egg his mother had eaten by the fox so come and take it instead of my eggs This!

It was the beginning of winter, here I started to ask my pigs why the weather is so cloudy even at night! And yet the ducks swim in muddy, black lakes.

After breakfast, the ducks celebrated that no one had touched their eggs with any harm or harm.

Some of me got up an sleepover of pigs and attended the Mother Duck party, and I did not attend her ashamed and shy of my heinous act.

The ducks emerged from the lake on the grass and threw the party

With the swamp frogs and pigs except for the chef pig, at the end of the party the chef pork apologized to the ducks for his action and for trying to steal his eggs.

The concert venue was very beautiful

And I went to sleep because I was sad and upset. I saw a beautiful dream, and it was with them in the dream. I heard music and a party that was hosted by the New Year’s Eve party and the Christmas party. I was very touched by the dream. I cried from the severity of my sadness for the ducks.

And I immediately woke up to the sound of one of the pigs that was with me, and I began telling him that beautiful dream, and that I went to tell all the animals about the way to prepare my famous soup!

He said to me: No, it is not reasonable for all this to happen to you in a dream that I am sure you are kidding. I told him, No, this is the truth, for I am a pig and I never lie.

Their lips, the animals started asking us that they had smelled good and delicious food this morning. Who prepared it? Who ate it? And with whom did he eat it? What is it made of?

We said to them: You ask, you mean this as a joke, or do you want the truth? They said: Yes and we only love the truth.

We told them: He is our brother, but he is not present today at this dazzling party.

Then we told them a lot of things about our country of origin as pigs, about our food and its types, about our celebrations and about our ages, and everything about pigs.

And do not be angry, my brother, for we have resolved all the pigs of this forest!

I almost mad because preparing one meal costs a lot of eggs!

Where will we get the eggs from?

Last week, we nearly caused a lot of problems from animals that lay so many problems!

And I began to admonish them and entrusted them with the task of collecting eggs for them. I will not be able to collect eggs and prepare food

At the same time, this requires a lot of effort and a longer time.

The truth hurts some times. And sometimes it takes another course critical about ideas. How can a pig who does not know how to cook intend an entire forest or a large number of people to food that he does not know to prepare or prepare!

Pigs are capable, so the Almighty is God Almighty, and they eat anything! And everything! Even her poo eats it!

Also eat feces (garbage).

For this reason, some peoples have prohibited eating pork.

The chef pork regretted the situation and said: If I stayed with my family, I would rather be able to prepare food for them every day and secure eggs

Because anyone traveling can secure anything that is missing


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