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5 books for children that stimulate the imagination bedtime stories

5 books for children that stimulate the imagination

5 books for children that stimulate the 
imagination We must encourage our children to learn and encourage them to learn using imagination and dream!

To be distinguished and to become more intelligent from among their peers

Imagination develops the intellectual life of the child!
Make him an outstanding creative person
An example is the famous distinguished scientist
Physicist Isaac Newton
Imagination develops thought and memory and stimulates thinking, and thus increases the strength of mental capabilities that help in practical life
For example: the ability to understand and solve the problems around us
Secondly: Developing the intellectual and social skills that develop the child's relationships with the surrounding community, for example his friends, including developing and strengthening the child's sound speech!

Here are five interesting children that stimulate their imagination to create and connect realistic events with the future. Read them to your child, children's books that inspire the imagination, link reality with the past, or link reality with the future and stimulate creative thinking!
The mother should always have story material from books to increase the skill of your child and increase his creative thinking space to develop the creative imagination
, And develops social intelligence and all kinds of intelligence

1.Sinbad is the Arab traveler known for his frequent travels and travels to many countries.

A wonderful book that talks about famous people and travelers in ancient times, the famous traveler nicknamed Sinbad, that book begins when Sinbad lies on one of his trips under a tree while traveling at the beginning of the night on one of the trips, and he looks at the sky and draws lines between the stars draws his travel advisor for a few days! And he connects them with continuous lines from one star to another, as if he were using a pen and paper in that
With this, a series of trips for the Arab traveler Sinbad begins, where he arrives to what he wants, after planning and traveling, to reach the area he actually wants to reach!

An interesting and distinct bedtime story, isn't it?

Making and building a house out of cardboard and kids cubes

We were all young children and we played with blocks and designed many things and things like building houses!

And build schools!

And building gardens of all kinds! And they were also used to play cardboard.

We built houses for us

And our homes for our children!

And homes for our pets like our rabbits!

And many, many more, this in itself has grown and stimulated for us this field or talent of imagination!

This is a useful book for children, teaching them the skill of imaginative thinking to launch creativity in the world of art and construction!

It stimulates the imagination and the ultimate thought.

The book motivates the child to learn drawing or perhaps simple geometric shapes such as a circle as in the moon in the sky!

3.Emily's car is lightning fast!

One day, the little girl was trying to play with the girlfriends of her older sisters, but Hemeley N refused to play with a girl four years her junior!

One day, while they were playing the hide-and-seek game, she rolled one against the wall, closed her eyes, and the others began to hide.

They refused to play with them.

So she decided to play alone!

And while she was walking up the valley, up the mountain, with a rather light piece of iron.

She caught her and carried her to the mountain!

As she climbed the mountains, she found small screws like a car tire.

And she installed it for the iron piece.

Until I reached the top of the mountain.

She sat on it and slid to the bottom of the mountain!

Hence the idea of ​​creativity to create the fastest car!

Playing for the child and making him explore the environment is enough to make him a creative designer that stirs and stimulates the imagination!

4.Where is the Cosmic Things in Space Writer Julian Francois.

This is Francois’s book that talks about the child's imagination, when those around him are angry and agitated to plunge into a deep sleep.

In his room at night and on his bed!

He begins to imagine space as flying between the stars, over the moon, and among the planets!

Where space cosmic things live.

And flying away in midair.

Here he becomes dominant according to his thinking and imagination!

Find the world of entertainment upstairs in space!

Before returning home to eat with his family,

 Who left them at the dinner table before he apologized to them to go to sleep

François, his writings are very interesting and beautiful, and he deserves our appreciation and attention to reading his writings. He has all our appreciation, love and respect.

5.Water bubbles combined with dishwashing liquid!

Sarah here was playing on the roof of their house, to apply what she told her classmate in fourth grade of primary school, here Sarah is the heroine of our story for today.

I went up to the top of the house to blow air from this liquid!

They formed bubbles like flying saucers or flying machines and flying away in the high sky.

Here, after she had formed many bubbles, her imagination took her to climb on her and fly high!

Here this girl, with her imagination, created wonderful stories to discover everything new!

Here, let us, dear mother, expect another adventure that you and your child can predict!

What will Sarah do in the rest of her adventure or fairy tale?


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