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American Literature/Short stories for children

                            Short stories for children

Dear readers, bedtime stories for children, I present to you tonight, a sample of fiction stories, they are excellent stories that help when reading your son to help him sleep quickly and sleep soundly at the same time, we have many, not even hundreds of these stories, so wait for us every day or night with a new story And beautiful 2020.

Emily and the Dwarves  family

One day, there was a little girl named Emily who lived with her mother in a very simple hut and near this hut there was a banana tree, which was harvested almost every day whenever she and her mother felt hungry! The little girl named Emily was a very naughty girl who liked to play a lot, Emily's mother was very poor and needed money to buy medicine for her because she has a seasonal cough that does not heal to buy the medicine and take it. Once her mother sent her to serve the neighbors' house in exchange for some money and pounds, the mother is very sick and she cannot work!
As Emily went out of her mother’s hut on her way to the neighbor’s house, she found three gold coins in a bag of cloth that had fallen from a pedestrian in the street


                          Short stories for children

Emily came home to a delighted joy, my mom, my mother, look, I found gold pieces, take it, sell it, and buy medicine for you, my mom, I was very happy, Emily's mother. All for 20 pounds, they went back to the pharmacist, bought the medicine for the sick mother, and returned the hut. The next morning, Emily woke up early and went up to the banana tree to pick bananas for her and her mother.
I went up the tree and reached a strange kingdom, which entered to see the Kingdom of the Kingdom, which are several houses next to each of the

  Short stories for children

I found in every home a family with a small number of individuals but they are not ordinary humans but dwarves. Yes, Emily found there in that strange kingdom several houses for a number of dwarves. Emily entered the kitchen of one of these houses or houses. Of orange juice and an apple seed said to her Thank you I was hungry so I took it from her and after the end I returned a cup of juice to her and thanked her a lot for her appreciation of 
her and she said I was hungry now I will give you a piece of banana right Now

Thank you so much and I will tell my mother what happened to me and my mother will be very pleased because I have a new friend and my mother will love you so much. My mother is a very good person who loves the good of all the people around us. Home, my husband said Where's the girl you just saw coming out of here? She said to him, "There is no body one for me, man." He said I will throw it from here and fall to the ground and die, and I will make food from it

Short Stories for Childrens

Good to us! Emily returned to the hut and brought some banana to her mother. A few days later, Emily climbed the tree again and wanted to sit with her dwarf friend. The dwarf was the dwarf husband outside the house as well this time. When he smelled Emily in the house, he shouted this time and said, "I will kill her and make."
It is food for us and my children and I will eat all this kingdom and you will see for yourself she said to him there is no one here, and in the meantime it was
Emily hid under the table in the middle of the house and saw it and at the top of the table was a magic lantern, Aladdin's lantern, and immediately she asked, Emily from this lantern to return her immediately to her mother’s hut because she was very afraid of that scary strong dwarf. The girl Emily, and in a minute I sent her to her mother, and I took to tell Emily all the story to her mother.
I hope that our story for this night won your admiration, so do not forget to make a participation for all friends. Thank you for watching us every night We bring you the best stories to the meeting.




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