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Fairy tales stories for kids

                            Fables And Fairy tales

Welcome to you here, you will find in the site of 
children's bedtime stories an introduction to the world of fairy tales. Also on our site are the best fictional blogging blogs, which will charm brains old or young as they suit all tastes and scientific and cognitive classes. Different, you will always find my dear followers, all bedtime stories, all new for children, in the stories for children's stories, happy reading.

                        Deer and rabbit

The story is a literary art, and it is considered a short story or a fictional tale that clarifies something that is vague to us to become more accessible, more comprehensible and absorbing. We learned a lesson or an educational wisdom in real life.
There are examples that are known and known from ancient times as myths and one of these examples is honesty is the best policy and it is said that it is a Greek worshiper who is famous for his fables that are still circulating to our time.
Finally, I hope that you like it and your satisfaction .and that you enjoy it and love it

                                Fairy tales Stories for kids

One day when the deer was walking on the grass, he heard some noise. He looked up to see what was going on and found a large number of silver objects falling from the sky. She looked like little stars, and he was enjoying that. He approached her to smell it. Does it smell or not? The deer asked, and then tried to eat a piece of it! While he chewed the outer wrapping, believing it? That it tastes as good as its good smell, but was surprised that it tastes so bitter, and then he walked a rabbit on his side and said to him, Deer, what are you messing with? Can i take a look So deer stoned him, saying, "Come on, my friend, the rabbit. Take a look." Unfortunately, I tasted this strange thing with a pleasant smell and taste. "I know what the problem is. I am an expert in opening gifts and prizes of all kinds, and they look to me like gifts as I do
On my food in an envelope. I am very proud of the rabbit, saying: Let me help you in this. Then the rabbit removed the silver cover of the candy pills 
                       Fairy tales Stories for kids

and gave it to him. Perhaps. Then the gazelle said: To the rabbit, you also take a bite of it. The rabbit said: I also love him. Where did you get it? Deer said: A swarm of birds came hovering over us, and they bothered us with their voices! Then we saw many bodies falling from the sky as if they were gold balloons at once, and we ran to them, and they had pieces like these pieces!
We were about to cut it with sweet sweets. Squirrel said it was definitely candy bars, not balloons, okay my friend if you fine More of them just tell me and tell me the safety of its presence, please my friend Rabbit. Rabbit said well I will guide you immediately join me to take you to the places where it is. Cut the gazelle and the rabbit by the way The terrible until the stomach of each of them was filled, then each of them went to his home with joy and happiness because eating candy sends happiness! .The rabbit arrived at his house and his 

                            Fairy tales Stories for Kids

mother received him and invited him to eat lunch so he is lying and he says he is full? Or what! He felt a little guilty and uncomfortable because he did not bring some candy bars to his brother! He said, No, Mom, I am full. I found a large number of islands and ate them. Both the mother and brother were surprised and said to him, We searched all the woods. We did not find even a single carrot, son! The rabbit fell into a new sphere of his order because of this lie!
Now after the second lie, if he confesses the truth, he will reveal all his previous lies! Thus, he will lie and complete the path of lying, believing that he will survive, he did not have much time to think about the new lie. She fills them with joy and joy and she told her son that there is a party about the tree and provided the most delicious food in that party. I feel very comfortable from the words of his mother. In the end, do not skimp on us with your comments, I wish you a pleasant reading


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