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Stories For Kids To ReaFantasticd In 2020

Children love stories they enjoy hearing, because they teach educational concepts, and because they make them feel entertained, enjoyable and spend the best times, with the stories they go on adventures and they rest with their imagination, according to the story they read.
With stories the possibilities are really limitless
By reading stories, especially fairy tales, the child can join another world that can solve puzzles, and learn very many worldly matters. The best way to help the child is to explore his emotions and help him express and understand them and know what he needs in his life and learn to solve many of his problems through stories.

Seagulls and pond animals fictional children's stories

It was rumored that a seagull was living next to a very large pond with various animals such as crabs, some frogs, species of fish, starfish, and many others.And once the seagull said that it will go for exploratory trips from time to time towards the mountain and that human beings will invade this pond to hunt all animals, especially fish! And I will migrate for some days for fear of people, so whoever I want to come with is welcome and welcome The seagull was intending to eat these animals from frogs and fish and ... whenever he felt hungry because he was a pyramid and grew old and advanced and his foot was broken in the past he was attacked by a predator ahead and he is in advanced stages of his life Because of his foot injury, he became weak and worn out, so he started eating his food using trick

 day, Seagulls said to the frogs, "I will go for an expedition to the top of the mountain. Who will come with me?" He moved them away and went down on that mountain and ate them, and returned 

Fantastic Stories For Kids To Read In 2020

from where he came. All the animals noticed that he came back without frogs and asked him, he said no, but I and the frogs came and put them in the 
pool while you were sleeping, so you did not see them. On a trip, the fish refused and said we couldn't breathe outside the water!Days passed and the bird saw the hunger very hungry and he did not know what he would eat and began to think long, so he thought of something and began to implement it immediately, as he sat sad on his own, and all the animals noticed that, and he said, "People will come and plant in the place near the lake, and there will not be a drop of water. My friends, and I think about leaving here. Whoever wants, let him travel with me temporarily. When I feel safe here, I will come back. The name is rejected. She said I do not want. I can never live outside the waters of rivers, ponds and seas.And the bird seagull said, and you, crabs, I am going. What do you think about you coming with me this time? Then he said crabs well, on one condition. The bird told him a gull and what is this condition?

Fantastic Stories For Kids To Read In 2020

And the seagull went, and shaved joyfully, and on the back the sea crabs said to him, Where is the crab? Where is the mountain that is next to the river that you talked about? He said? I cheat you and lie to you. Just like you, stupid Gaga, so he took the crab and went up on his head and started hitting the bird's eyes with light until he pulled them out of their roots and caused him to go blind. And be careful.
Here and our story ends for you guys today. If you liked the story, please leave a comment below and share it for all friends. Thank you


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